Problems making a light cone

I’m trying to complete this tutorial:

But when I get to 4:48 inside the video, something went wrong. Once I have laid the texture on the cone, it has a strong black line on the perimeter, and the circle at the bottom. I can not delete these without gaps occurring in the cone, it does not happen in the video. What can I do wrong?

Lampeeksperiment.skp (391.1 KB)

View > Edge Style > Profiles (uncheck)

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Turn off profiles in the style edge settings.

Very simple when you know it. Thank you so much for the tip to you both.

Hej Jeg har prøvet denne igen. Modeling a Light Cone - Skill Builder - YouTube
Men nu kan jeg ikke slette ringen i bunden af keglen uden at der opstår huller i keglen. Hvor i processen gør jeg noget forkert?

Vægspotlight Biltema Art. 46-3078 - 03.skp (1.2 MB)
I’M using Sketchup Make 2017.
Thanks in advance

Hide those edges, don’t delete them.

You can’t delete the edge but you can hide it.
GIF 30-06-2022 8-16-52 PM