Problem with the free trial


I have tried many times to download the free 7 days trial for sketchup pro on the official website but it never worked.
After asking me some informations like " How do you best describe the industry your company is in?*, “my country”… i can click on “START MY FREE TRAIL”.
When I click nothing happen expect this image (files attached) but in fact nothing is downloading.
Somebody has the same issu?

Thanks for the help

Where are you located?

In France

Have you already done a free trial before? Maybe @colin can look up your information.

Do you have a popup blocker or a firewall or anti-virus program that might be getting in the way?

Fortunately the failed attempt to get the free trial did not activate the trial, and so when you do install SketchUp the trial will start then.

You can get the Windows installer from here:

Open SketchUp and sign in, and the trial should then be started.

now it is working thanks to you

merci beaucoup!!

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no first time