Problem with recess / countersink arc

Hello All,

In a design that I have drawn, an unintended shape is created when a surface is moved.
I eventually manage to make the shape the way I want it, but that’s a lot of work.
Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this quickly and easily?

Figure 1
The desired shape is the end result. Before moving, I drew a line between the two planes on each ‘endpoint’ of the arc.

Image 2
The movement via the ‘Move’ function.

Figure 3
The second move is via the ‘Move’ function. The unwanted end result.

The design in SKP format (from version 2021)
708B.skp (239.4 KB)

That looks pretty normal for the shape you have. If you manually split the surface with radial edges as you have in your first screen shot yo encourage SketchUp’s Autofold to give you what you want.

another way would be with the follow me tool:

The manual splitting (image 1) can be automated with TIGs split tools too:


Thanks Dave and Cotty for your explanation and solution. With the ‘Follow me’ tool I can quickly and easily carry out the modification. That saves a lot of drawing lines by hand :slight_smile:

A demonstration of the mentioned split tools…



A nice solution! But I work with SketchUp for Web. And there I can’t use split tool (unfortunately). But thanks for thinking along Cotty.

You can also save time if you do it once and the rotate copies for the other 3 sides.

Here is an idea for the start.

Bloc.skp (152.6 KB)

That’s for sure! In combination with the ‘Follow me’ tool, you can make the four surfaces quickly and easily. Thanks Jean for your addition.