Problem with "OpenStudio" SketchUp Plugin


I’m drawing a building with SketchUp Pro 2019 + OpenStudio Plugin.

In particular, I have a problem with the " Project loose geometry " button, present on the “OpenStudio Plugin” toolbar.

I know this is a SketchUp forum, but still there may be someone who is able to help me.

The situation before pressing that button is shown in this image:

As you can see, there are 11 windows (each of them is created by drawing a rectangle by using the “Shapes” button on the SketchUp toolbar).

Then, after selecting the entire drawing, I press the “Project Loose Geometry” button , and then select the option “Project Selected Loose Geometry”.

Now, what I obtain is this:

So, unfortunately, a window remains unaltered , after executing the " Project Loose Geometry ".

Is there anyone who could help me to understand the reason (and a solution) of this behaviour?

If useful, here there is the OpenStudio model (it’s a “.osm” file, contained in a “.zip” archive). (41.7 KB)

Thank You!