Problem with georeference

Hi all,

I’m an italian student and I’m developing a project with my university. I have two questions:

  1. How to take georeferenced informations on the corners of an image, added with “Add Location”? I found georeferenced information only on the center of the image, but anything about the left-up-corner, right-down-corner…etc.

  2. Can I import an image with the “maps” (streets, etc…) of a location? I can only import image with the “Satellite”.

Thank you for support

These plugins will help:

Didier Bur: Display Latitude & Longitude v1.0

TIG: Coords-Tag from Datum v3.4

No, but you can project a new image, say, a map, upon the terrain model.
To position the image try using a setup like this:

Place the camera in Top View, Parallel Projection.
Temporarily make the map image slightly transparent or use X-Ray mode.


@Geo, a nice answer to the geo question :wink:

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Ok, that’s right. Thank you so much :slight_smile: