Problem with Dynamic Component names

I am relatively new in SU DC. Trying to build the cabinetry library. At one point I wanted to rename some of the DC I previously made, but then realized that this breaks the formula. I could manually resolved the formula and I saved it as .skp file, that it works well once it is reopened. But once I wish to import it as a DC in some other file, the old paths and algorithms show up again and making DC not to work properly. Is it a bug, or I am doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!

When you reuse a DC to make another you must make it and all its sub-components unique, otherwise they are going to conflict. One approach is to use a building file so any accidentals can be observed sooner.

with regards to sample sent, the base infill has no formula

is this the sub-component that is changing? then place the offending DCs in one file, assure all unique in every part then fix the formulas

Edit: the file has other components, inserting one from home tab shows conflict. You can use the term “parent” instead of the attribute header name
= parent!width
or make this sub unique and fix the formulas

Yes, this works. I simply went through all sub-components and made them unique.

I will explore further additional suggestions. Great progress today!
Thank you pcmoor!!!