Problem with DWG file

Hi everybody and thank you for those who will read and try to help me. I’m a beginner so I’m sure I have easy problems. My goal is to 3D plan for a flat. The plan is coming from ARCHICAD it’s a DWG that I have uploaded.

1 - I think I have a problem of scale because when I upload the plan it appears so tiny that I spent 10 min to find it. I put everything in meters. So how can I put the right scale and how can I put my plan in the right axis

2 - As my plan isn’t in the right position I can’t use the tools rectangular to create walls. But how can I desactivate the roof ?

Once again thank you


  1. Choose the units for Scale

or, if you have already imported it, you can use Tape Measure tool to scale it as you wish.

Tape Measure tool

Rotate tool

  1. If the ‘roof’ is a group, assign a tag and turn it off. If it is not a group, group the geometry that forms it.

Thank you very much for your answer. Ok I’ve watch the video on how to use the Tape Measure tool but I can’t enter any value… When I draw a line and then when I fly over the “length box” at the bottom right with the mouse I can enter any value. Don’t know why…

Don’t click on VCB (‘length box’ at the bottom right), just type the value.