Problem with 3d Warehouse?

Are there any known problems at the moment with the access to the Warehouse from within SketchUp? I can download model from the website, but not from within SketchUp?

(some minutes ago, I didn’t get any search results, now I can click download and choose to insert directly in my model, but get an error message afterwards)

Hmmm… reminds me of a feature our Cable TV company had. (We now have satellite TV.) Anyway they had a specific channel you could go to, which they’d post trouble items (in plain text.) You could also hear these issues if you called the customer service number. It was the first thing they’d inform you of (any outstanding outages,) before they’d list off the voice menu choices.

There should be a “Current Issues” page for both warehouse sites, where users can get the ‘skinny’ on issues.

I think there’s been funny things on the internets over the weekend; see Southwest Airlines, for example.

Excellent ! Did not know this, bookmarking it now.

It should be expanded for other web features, ie: Knowledge Base, Extension Warehouse, Blog, etc.