Problem whit save e material


Hi, im’ federico and i’m new in this community.
sorry for my bed english

when i save some of my model arrive the windows correct problem
i’m click ok and sketchup correct automatically the problems, but at the finish
arrive this s window that say:

some problems can’t resolve
the name for CMaterials (214839) is not valid

(look the picture is in italian but maybe you can understand this kind of error)

i’m looking in the table of materials but i don’t find anything material
whit that name.

how i can do for resolve this problem?


I don’t speak Italian, but maybe we can understand each other somewhere in the middle!

Unfortunately, the identifier number that the fix model process provides isn’t useful. Try this: open the Materials window, click the little house icon to see Materials in Model, and then look at the names of the materials it shows. The error message is saying that one of them has something wrong with the name. One possibility is a character that SketchUp doesn’t allow. If you find one, you can edit the material to try a different name. One case that I know triggers this error is if the name is blank.


Hi, i have try to control all the name of model material and the others sketchup materials.

finally i have find one material in the model that haven’t name. i put the arrow of mouse
on picture of this material and don’t show any name.

i have delete this material and resolve the problem

now when i save the model, don’t show the window error.

thank you

good night