Problem Uploading DWG File

I’m trying to upload a certain DWG file but can’t get it right for some reason, what I’m getting in the SketchUp is completely not related to the file content, I tried all the different options when uploading, with non of them I get a normal layout, I would appreciate any help.
I tried uploading the DWG file itself but it is too big, around 55MB.

the images are too small to read…

do you have autocad?

Yes because I’m a new user I’m limited to uploading only 1 image… I’m using DWG TrueViewer by Autodesk, I don’t have proper AutoCAD.

you can use to create a link to your file.

until then, our answers will be mostly theoretical, you not getting what you expect in SU might be caused by the actual content of the DWG file. can’t say.

Thanks, here’s the link:

Turn on the three tags

Not really sure what you mean, I’m not very proficient in CAD softwares, can’t find this flag option in my “DWG TrueViewer by Autodesk”.

in sketchup. after you import, if you look at the tag panel, you can activate the tags. in sketchup.

Perfect, thanks a lot! highly appreciate it.