Problem of join walls on different layers

hello, I have a small problem on sketchup… when I join two walls together from different layers, the faces in contact merge. So, when I hide a layer we can see a hole in the faces at the contact zones. Do you know if this is normal or if I can avoid that??

Sounds like you are using Layers/Tags incorrectly.
Read up on them here.

Take note of this specifically.
“Your models will be much more predictable if you refrain from assigning tags to entities like edges or faces, or changing the active tag. (Unless you are an experienced modeler, don’t use the pencil icon in the Tags panel).”


Box is correct. Set all entities on Tag “untagged” and keep that as your default. All entities should be on the “untagged” tag. Only assign tags to groups. So in your case, you would have two groups. When those two walls in different groups meet, one group won’t affect the other so the hole won’t be created.