Problem importing transparent textures from SketchUp to Unity


How do I import transparent textures from SketchUp to unity? After I import the SketchUp model, the transparent textures turn opaque in Unity… note the crosswalk. I’ve messed around with the texture in Unity, but can’t figure out how to turn it transparent.

I turned down the smoothness and switched it from metallic to albedo, then it turned black.

The crosswalk was transparent in the SketchUp model I imported.

The texture is a couple of rectangles 1/8" off the ground, but it’s not opaque because it’s casting shadows. 2D trees turn opaque when I import them too.

Any help making the crosswalk transparent would be appreciated. I’m thoroughly stumped.


You need to change the rendering mode of the material to transparent as indicated here:

Also check this:


Thank you! Should I use Cutout mode instead? The manual said it will leave no semi-transparent areas.

“Cutout - Allows you to create a transparent effect that has hard edges between the opaque and transparent areas. In this mode, there are no semi-transparent areas, the texture is either 100% opaque, or invisible.”


You’re welcome. Hmm, probably yes.


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