Problem extruding a groove along an edge


20150312-01.skp (29.3 KB) As an experiment I extruded a semi-circular groove along an edge of a board-like object. However, when I extruded a similar groove up one of the perpendicular edges the groove extrusion is stopped at bottom of the first groove; in other words it won’t cut through. Is there a way to cut completely through, so that the grooves form one complete groove going around the edges?




For more details, upload an image or the model…


Push/Pull is not the only extrusion tool. Read about the Follow Me tool.



I’ve uploaded the model; in the original post.


In this case, you should follow @Gully_Foyle s suggestion and use the follow me tool…


Got it, very clever, thanks. Only started using SketchUp a few days ago, so I’m not familiar with all the tools.


Thanks again Cotty and Gully_Foyle for the quick and informative responses; worked like a charm. :smiley: