A real puzzle using the Follow-Me tool

I’ve been trying to create two semi-circular grooves on a board-like object; one along an edge, and one along a face that intersect at a corner (see attached model). No matter how I adjust the respective Follow-Me paths an anomaly is created at the intersection. While there are situations where it’s useful for the Push/Pull, or Follow-Me tools to create new planes, this is one case in which it would be useful for the tool to recognize the end of material and simply heal the end of the extrusion. I would appreciate any suggestions that could avoid the anomalies, or heal them.
Double-Groove-1.skp (27.1 KB)

I’m not sure exactly what you want it to do, but a simple intersect and delete removes the flaps.
If you are wanting some other shape you need to show what you want.

Your animation is the healing I’m referring to, but I can’t see what’s being selected from the drop-down menu as the top is cutoff.

Here’s a coy of your model with instructions.
Just click through the scenes.

Double-Groove-1- Fixed.skp (76.3 KB)

Yes, now I see. I was puzzled by the lack of line intersections when I tried to remove the anomalies. I’ve only been working with SketchUp for about five days; I’ve got a lot to learn.
I appreciate your timely help.

The SketchUp Toolbar Series Videos are just what you need about now.