Problem Creating Terrain with Sandbox

I am having a problem when trying to create a terrain with the Create From Scratch sandbox tool. After i draw the line along the red axis when I try to then move along the green axis the tool always goes up the blue axis. What am I doing wrong. I should mention than every now and then, it does work and I have not figured out what the pattern is. Right now the only way I can get it to work consistently is to go to the top view and draw create the terrain.

Again, what the heck am I doing wrong?

I think it is possible that nobody has replied in either forum because it is a fundamental of sketchup navigation.
How a tool responds is directly affected by the camera view.
Orbit to align what you need.
You don’t need to go ‘top’ and Parallel but you need to look down to a degree or up to the left or straight up for red and so on.

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Thanks @Box. I see what you are saying. :+1:

Maybe you should mark @Box’s post as the solution instead of your own.

Oooops, that is what I meant.