Pro2020 - Copy component not linked

New install of Pro 2020. Simple COPY function creates a unique component - not linked to original. Is there a new setting to change this?

Do you mean Copy/Paste of an existing component, or move tool with the option (control on windows) button pressed to make a copy? Both should give you another instance of the component, just trying to figure out where it is going wrong for you. There is no setting to change for this, it should work.

I know little about windows but I often see running the sketchup installer as “administrator” being a source of problems in a new install. Why the installer must be "run as administrator"

Thanks for replying! Can’t find a single explanation anywhere.
Standard ‘move’ with CTRL key - copied part is a unique part, not a linked copy.
I do this often - say, 4 legs on a table . . . if I miss a feature, want to only modify the original.

There has been no change for 2020 in how instances or copy work so this should be working the same for you as well. Are you sure you installed Sketchup by the directions outlined in the link I posted.

Stating the obvious just in case, but are you sure the thing you are copying is a component, and not a group?

It’s still there. It hasn’t been removed.

Upload your .skp file.

Make a copy of a component in the model, they will be related. This is in SU2020.

My ‘copy’ creates a unique, no matter what. Does that mean I have to re-install? (don’t recall the option to run as Admin at install… I usually always check that if it comes up)

Share your .skp file so we can see what you have.

If you didn’t use Run as administrator when you installed SketchUp 2020, you should repair the installation but I doubt that’s the cause of this specific problem.

I can guarantee that copying a component with Move/Copy does not make a unique copy on its own.

Had another thought: when you create the component, in the dialogue window that pops up, is “replace the selection with component” checked? Perhaps you are not making the component in the first place? Have to see your SU file to be sure of anything.

Thanks for the info. Move works on the 2nd part/copy. My error was assuming I could cut/add to the original & all instances would modify. Does that functionality exist? Say I forgot a dado or other feature on a leg & now have 4 of them: is there a way to make (other than ‘move’) changes to original part & they apply to all? Trying to forget my SolidWorks & learn SU.

Did you see my GIF? I modified the first leg after copying the component and the copy got the same treatment. That could have been adding a mortise just as easily or a dado in a case side or whatever other details you want.

When you go to edit the component, are you double clicking on one of the instances to open it for editing first?

I was triple-clicking. Such a basic function. See how it works now. I need to go through a lot of basic tutorials. Thank you again!

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Triple clicking opens the component AND selects all of the connected geometry. That won’t result in one component being made unique.

Or were you triple clicking on the component, selecting all of the geometry, and copying that? If that’s it, you were copying the geometry within the component not copying the component. Common new user error.

Thanks again. Mine are basic newbie errors/misunderstandings.

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It works out with time and experience. When you try to orbit a photo or other image on a web page you’ll know you’ve “got” SketchUp. :wink: