Copy function not working properly

New user here. Working with Mac/Sketchup Pro. I’ve watched several videos on how to copy, which works fine. But, when I make changes to the copied items it does not make changes to the original? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Steps I take when trying to copy a component. Highlight component > click move tool > click option (so plus sign shows) > move the copy. – Everything seems to work perfect, but when I make a change to the copy no changes are made to the original.

It’s definitely something in your workflow. Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

Here you can see that modifying one instance of the component modifies the other.

My guess is that you are opening the first component for editing, selecting the geometry within it and copying that. In that case you aren’t copying the component and you would see what you describe. You’d be copying the geometry within the component.


Thanks for the quick reply, Dave! I’m pretty sure I came across one of your responses to this question in the past. You must help out a lot on here!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to share the .skp file, but got stuck. It looks like I need to set up a Trimble account and then share from there, correct?

Anyhow I believe I figured out the issue. I was not triple clicking the new component when trying to modify changes, therefore the changes weren’t being copied on the ‘component’ level.

Thanks again, I appreciate it. Learning new software is challenging:/

I try to help a little.

No. You shouldn’t need to do that although you must have a Trimble account if you are using SketchUp Pro as your forum profile indicates. To share the file you would just drag and drop the .skp file into your reply.

So you weren’t opening the component for editing? Triple clicking on a component with the Select tool would open the component for editing AND select all of the attached geometry. Generally a double click of single click and press Enter or right click and choose Edit Component is enough to get the component open for editing.

You’re welcome. Like learning anything new, there’s a curve. Steep at first but it flattens out. Once you get up it a ways you find that it gets easier.

@DaveR you undersell your contribution!

(Dave was by a large margin the most frequent responder to posted questions in 2023, and for years before that too. And one of the most knowledgeable.)


Thanks again! Sure you’ll be seeing more of me:)