Printing the scenes list

Is there a way to print the list of scenes? Maybe export it to an excel file or any kind of file? Right now I just print a screen shot of it.


This plugin will export the images of scenes, but you probably want something slightly different if you want also the names of the scenes.

A search on the SketchUcation plugin store for “export scene” found these three (including the one above)

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Thank you. I’ll look into those.

And a repeat search on the Extension Warehouse finds these:


Hello Melina, Hello John,

I am the author of the SJ Batch Export Scenes To Thumbnails plugin.

The plugin allows to batch export the scenes of the model in JPG, PNG, TIF or BMP images, in an “Export_Scenes” sub-folder of a folder with the same name as the model.

The folder name is purged of all accented characters. Spaces and other characters are replaced with underscores. The name of the scenes which is used as a basis for exporting the thumbnails is also cleaned up. The plugin allows you to optionally add a prefix and suffix to filenames. This is useful when you want to export multiple variants with different export settings.

You can configure the dimensions of the generated images, with or without proportion constraints (Window, square, 4/3, 16/9, free). You can enable PNG transparency, anti-aliasing and compression rate for JPG outputs.

The dialog uses Bootrap, Modus and JavaScript. A progress box allows you to follow the export.

The plugin is translated according to the language of Sketchup in French or English, and I share it for free.

You then have to print in batch by selecting the files in the Windows explorer or the MAC finder, or via a third-party application.

@simjoubert is there a way to do what Velina asked for though and print a list of the scene names?

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Hello Dave,
The generated files bear the names of the scenes with an optional prefix and/or suffix.
But war more about it.

Melina you can open the ruby console and paste the following code:

mod = Sketchup.active_model
puts pages_list

You will get the scene list in user sort order.
After do a copy text in Notepad and print !


@simjoubert That worked. Thank you.

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