Printing model not with layout

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Just curious if when printing model (not using layout) is there a way to also include name of model.

You can add screen text in the model space using the Text tool. Or you could make a component using 3D Text.

@DaveR have you tried 3D printing that model? It would be cool as heck to see it running (albeit without the steam)!

I haven’t 3D printed it although it has crossed my mind. All of the components are solids and so would be printable. It would be interesting to print it so the parts can move correctly. I’ve had good luck with screw threads so gears and cranks shouldn’t be too hard.

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It would make for a super cool desktop toy.

It would indeed. I have a hard enough time getting my work done already though.

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Pffft. “Work”. So over-rated.


power with compressed air!

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