Making something 3d printable


I was wondering if theres a way to take a downloaded model like for instance something off the 3d warehouse. And make it solid enough that it can be printed? Is there a plug in or something like that?



It depends entirely on the individual model you download. Many warehouse models are made and posted by inexperienced users and are very poorly made. Got one in mind you could point us to?

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I have kind of posted on here before I am after a bentley convertible. It is a gift idea. Theres a fair few on the library I have no idea which would be best suited? I suppose the highest resolution?

I cant even really find anywhere I could buy the car plans from.

99% of the models on 3dwarehouse are not made for 3d printing.
Trying to convert one into a solid is probably going to take you longer than moddeling one yourself.
There are a lot of better sites for downloading models for 3d printing. Maybe try that.