Print to PDF Text size issues


When I print to PDF the size of the text changes. I have to add lots of dimensions and lay them out so they’re readable once printed. Didn’t have this issue in 2018 version. I have tried editing the options in print and nothing is changing.
I have a screenshot of my SU screen below, and attached how it prints to pdf. In print options, I don’t have any Scale choices in the drop down, nor Print Quality

E-P1.pdf (78.3 KB)

You could set the text height to some fixed value instead. Or better, send the file to LayOut and use it to export the PDF file. Personally I would add all of the text in LayOut, too.

how do i set the text height to a fixed value?
I do hundreds of these drawings in a short period of time so sending to layout isnt efficient enough. Did it fine for years on 2018 and suddenly have this problem with 2021

Model Info>Text>Font
Screenshot - 8_19_2022 , 2_47_17 PM

Hmmm… Seems to me it would be much more efficient. Especially if you have numerous similar sorts of exports to do and set up a suitable template. Scaled views are easier, auto text elements, labels and other text would look cleaner and more professional, multi-page PDF exports possible…

the height worked. I will try it out in layout one day too and see if i can make that more efficient

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