Print Scale isnt true in isometric


Hey folks,

I know I must be missing something simple here but can’t figure it.

I’ve made a model in Sketchup at 1:1.
Clicked parallel projection.
set view to isometric.
create scene.
Send to layout.
document set to A4 landscape.
set scene
set scale to 1:50.
what should read as 6m reads as 4.9m

Any thoughts?



Could you share the image?


Super basic thing component as a part of a larger model


That’s about right … 6 x .82 = 4.92

See this topic:


Maybe I don’t understand Isometrics properly then haha I thought all axis were supposed to read true. Looking at isometrics because I’m a first year architecture student and we still hand draw in isometric. Was hoping to use sketchup to help me visualise what I should end up with.


Gully, read you’re response again and totally understand whats going on now with foreshortening. We haven’t been tought that so I expected full scale. Cheers for the thoughtful response, big help :slight_smile:


I was a first year architecture student and I was taught isometric and axonometric drawing in 1974. There was a short fad of parallel projection views in the late 1970s (Richard Meier and James Stirling were the culprits) but otherwise I haven’t needed the skill since. How old are your teachers? 85?


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