Previous version of SketchUp Make

I use Sketchup for home projects and have been fine until recently. The last time I was forced to upgrade I didn’t realize it was 2014 Pro. Well after using it for the allotted time it now is forcing me to pay or not use it. When I download the latest version of MAKE (2016) it will not run on Windows XP. Before you suggest upgrading the OS please don’t, The system I use is not on the network and cannot be upgraded. Does anyone know how to download the old version 8 or 2013 or 2014 version of MAKE?

How were you “forced” to upgrade?

At the time you did upgrade you would have been given an option to select SketchUp Make. It would have given you a pro trial.

The oldest version currently available via the SketchUp site is SU2014 Pro.

I had to rebuild a system and when I went to download the Sketchup 8 version all I could get was 2014, mistakenly I downloaed 2014 Pro. However 2014 Make I cant find. Is there any way to get it, your link only has Pro?

The only version of SketchUp Make currently available is 2016. They normally don’t make older Make versions available.

So push people to upgrade to what they want them to have or find another product. Did Microsoft buy them when no one was looking?

They aren’t pushing people to upgrade. stick with what you’ve got but it’s up to the user to keep the installer. They don’t have the staff to support old versions for old, unsupported operating systems forever. SketchUp is different from many programs in that a new version doesn’t replace an old version when installed. So multiple versions can be installed side by side. Most programs replace the old version with a new one.

Unfortunately, at some point you’ll probably just have to face it. You’ll have to upgrade your computer.

Thanks but I don’t see any reason as to why they cant host older versions and make them unsupported. A lot of software vendors do that or allow others to host old versions. When you disallow access you do force people to upgrade when they no longer can install what they had. Yes I agree that I should have kept the old installer, my mistake I did not keep the installer but I also didn’t realize that they scrubbed it from the web the way they did. When I find an old version I will make sure I keep it safe.
One thing I wont have to do is upgrade this computer, its a test system and will not be upgraded. My personal computer is a Linux system and unless they make Sketchup run better on Linux I wont use it there.
Thanks for your help, it was appreciated

Sorry it wasn’t what you wanted to hear.

As for a Linux version, i wouldn’t hold my breath. There doesn’t seem to be enough Linux users willing to buy SketchUp Pro to cover the development and support costs.

They will for a time. See these old posts by team members:

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