How to install SU Make 14 on XP

I hope its ok to ask via new topic as i cant find info specific to finding the link for SU Make 14. All i can find under “downloading older versions” is downloads for Pro.Can anyone point me in the right direction to download and install sketchup make 14. im running xp

It doesn’t seem to be possible to download an older free version of Sketchup than 2015.


Hmm… checking on this now.

This issue has come up a couple of times (when the KB article missed Make versions). Then the all download page was made with really all versions.
SketchUp 8 Pro was able to downgrade to the non-commercial version, but for the newer versions it matters to have both.

I understand the intention to “move” the user base to newer versions, but the “all downloads” page is not the main download page. It is a fallback, and people who go there know why/what they want. For extension developers, testing in older versions (8+) might be relevant. For users there might be interest to have at least one pre-Ruby-2.0 version for plugins that are not being updated.

If the Make version contains the same (trial) as Pro, but the Pro version does not downgrade, why not spare the issues and simplify the version scheme?

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