Installing Sketchup 2013

Am I still able to download and install the free version of Sketchup 2013? I have a roof making plugin that works great but doesn’t work in 2015 and I haven’t found another free one that matches the old one. Thanks.

Yes, you are.

Great, thanks, but isn’t that only the pro version. Will I have to pay for that??

Yes that is only the Pro edition.

Here you can find the latest SketchUp 2014 Make edition links:
SketchUp Make 2014 Download Links (provided here)

Try to use v 2014 or higher (if you can,) as they use Ruby 2.x. All older SketchUp’s use Ruby 1.8.x which is beyond end of life (and no longer supported.)

If you need a specific language build (other than English,) send a request via private message to AlexB.