Preserving location origin of imported data

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I am working on a project with engineers and am required to import and export data such as site plans and contours, using a local datum (not WGS). My difficulty is that when I select “Preserve Drawing Origin” the geometry appears a very long distance from Sketchup’s model origin and it jitters or the display tears so I can’t use it. Simply making the imported geometry into a component and changing it’s axis this stops the jittering but not the tearing, so it doesnt work.,

Does anybody know of an acceptable workflow that would enable me to preserve the location origin of imported data, but still model accurately?

It might take an extension or external bit of software (TBC?) that can manipulate Sketchup’s WGS coordinate location to one of my choosing. Or perhaps to open my model with a temporary ‘modelling origin’ but export it out using the original origin? There must be a simple fix for this (presumably common) problem?


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