Presentable LayOuts or Linking to Trimble Connect

One of the major downsides right now is to get the information being offered in some format or PDF Ideally, I would like to make a LayOut template and then reference to the outcomes from the Predesign project.

(There is no easy way of sharing like in Sefaira, also)
Currently, we have an option to add a location inside Trimble Connect in the project details:

Predesign also uses add location and if I want to continue for shadow studies in SketchUp, I need to add the location, again!
That makes three times adding a location, where it should be just one time only, I guess?

Anyway, for a demo, I have made these templates in LayOut with set up masks:
Predesign - EN.layout (6,0 MB)

And then I just insert screenshots.
But we should be able to have a reference and just have it imported.
So maybe, I am making a feature request for having URL-references inside LayOut…

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I also feel that a lot of work is being duplicated while it shouldn’t.

We should be able to publish and import things from and into SketchUp models.

Going to make a post about it.

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