Post Processing Sketchup to WoodWOP


I have been using sketchup for a while now and have just recently purchased a Weeke Vantech CNC router machine. I have been going through a tedious process using the woodwop post processor that comes with the machine software but am getting sick of it. Any thoughts out there for what to use in conjunction with sketchup. It may be a long shot, but I would love the ability to design and program directly in sketchup. Any thoughts out there? I know this is quite a generalized post, but thought it would get the ball rolling. Thanks!


The software flyer says that it’s possible to import DXF files, maybe this can be a point to start testing?


I am converting the sketchup file to a DXF with coded layers for the post processing to take place, the problem is that the codes are so basic that when I get it into the CAM software, I have to spend tons of extra time with the rest of the coding (e.g. feeds and speeds, true arcs, contouring and other tooling functions). Is there a CAD/CAM plugin that is compatible with the Weeke Vantech machine?


Does it use Gcode ?

There have been some attempts to write Gcode exporters for SketchUp.
One was abandonded on GitHub and the author asked that anyone take over the project.

(I’ll see if I can find the post (it is likely over on SketchUcation forum.)


Fishelzon GcodeTools v0.0.9 Plugin

Model2GCode - who would like to continue?
code repo:


Some CNC links, including gcode


You might want to check out Vectric’s Aspire and VCarve software. It looks like both can import SketchUp files, generate layout and toolpaths for preparation to GCode.


Awesome feedback! Dont know why it has taken me so long to get on forums?!!! Thanks a ton for your help smart people!