Is there an Alternative to SketchUcam to create Gcode?



I built my own CNC machine. I build models in SketchUp…use SketchUcam to generate Gcode, then import the Gcode into ChiliPeppr which runs the job.

My weekest link is SketchUcam…no offense intended, but it is just not very professional.

What other programs do people use to go from SketchUp to Gcode?


Advice on export for CNC Router

I don’t know about GCode at all, but might this plugin be a better one?:


That IS SketchUcam…I’m hoping I can find something better…smile.


I was mislead by them calling it Phlatscript, and there’s no mention of SketchUcam on the page. Did it have a name change?


They just have two names, I guess. The SketchUcam plugin is actually not that bad, it does work. I just need more functionality.


I would try to export STL and use one of the available slicing programs to generate the Gcode, e.g. Cura, KISSlicer, Slic3r or similar.


Hmmm, I just assumed that they would not work for CNC machines because they are designed for 3d printing. I will look into this. Does anyone here use either of these 3 programs on a CNC machine?


Hi Colin
Phlatscript became SketchUcam.
Phlatscript was developed as an adjunct to the Phlatprinter machines (designed for cutting sheet foam and balsawood), but when the creators of the Phlatprinters moved on to more general machines and the code was expanded to encompass hard material cutting (like aluminum), we changed the name to SketchUcam.

The correct forum for SketchUcam queries is as


As far as a plug-in, SketchUcam is probably your best bet for a free option.

If you can afford it, V-Carve Pro can import Sketchup files and convert them to G-Code for your CNC. The drawback… It’s $699.00. I’ll be trying SketchUcam to see how accurate it is before investing in V-Carve Pro.


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