Getting Started with Image Import

At 70yrs old I’m a bit too old to learn something new but I have a cnc router and need to start using a software package that will allow me to produce Gcode to run the cnc machine. Using Sketchup coupled with an add-on (Sketchucam) will allow me to produce the code I need to move forward.

Problem is I’m new to Sketchup and don’t know where to start. I want to be able to bring graphics into the Sketchup sceen

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Only 70 < Well I got my 3 D printer after that age . . Okay back to the subject . . Get Slic3r the spelling is correct the people at the company did it ! load the file as a fliename.stl and then there is button over on right hand side close to the top says Generate G-Code . . Click that and name the file and where to save it at and it is done . . You have to tell Slic3r what your making the G-Code for or it will make it for a 3D printer as default . .

I would suggest just play with it for a while to get to know WHICH TOOL dies what . . Watch the Tutorials really close like over and over again . . There are imports for different graphics and trace for some things ,

I am a newbie also and have to ask question here and there . . that Sketchucam sounds interesting there . . I was a CNC Programmer a few hundred years ago or so it seems

Hi Lynne
Thanks for the heads up regarding Slic3r. (Strange name) I’ll go and take a
look. I worked at Fords Motor Company (UK) for 45yrs and looked forward to
taking it easy, but because I was bored I started building a CNC router and
now get hardly any spare time at all.

Yes Sketchucam is real easy to work with but its getting the image into
sketchup to start with at the right size is getting to me.

Still thanks again for your help.


Remember the Measurement thing in the corner is 1/2 the real distance . . I make things for a 3D printer and what I thought was an inch turns out to make a 2 inch item . . And since I have to make it in mm ( I am glad I have Ubuntu 16.04 and it has Convert to convert mm to inches ) . . I only have a 7 inch Cube of space to make things in so all has to fit under that size limit . . . So how big a area does your CNC Router cover and where did you get the parts from … hahaha Yeah since I am on Social Security Now it seems I do more than I did when i was Working for a living . . Almost every one seems to think I have 48 hours in a day and can do all they need done . . And I have to finish several projects yet got the wood yesterday from Home Depot . . Took 3 hours and 10 minutes of travel via Bus to get there and back . . If my Motorcycle was till running I would have been there and back in maybe 45 minutes with the wood . . 3 bus’s to get there and 3 to get home most of the time was waiting waiting for the bus and it is only maybe 8 miles away . .

just me and my 2 Beaded Dragons ( Girl and Rogue )