Possible to map an image or text to a model in Sketchup...?

I’m just starting out with the software (and 3D), and i have quite a specific brief to begin with. I need to create a rugby ball, and map a specific design to the ball (containing a visual shape and text), then animate the ball in to view from a distance.

I’m aware that there are many, if not dozens, of 3D applications out there, and that some of these can do this. What i want to find out is if i am able to do it with Sketchup? Without utilising any other 3D software.

I have been through the Forums here prior to asking this; unfortunately, i cannot find a specific answer to the question.

Technically, what you want to do can’t be done in SU… However you can make it look as if it can:

  • make/get a rugby ball model
  • make (eg) 6 layers and copy the ball six times - one instance on each layer
  • rotate each ball 15º about the central axis
  • find an image of a rugby field and set as a static image (watermark it)
  • set up (eg) 24 scenes starting from far away and moving closer to the ball
  • in each of these scenes, make sure that the ball is in the correct rotation sequence.
  • play the scenes as a movie. (and/or export to an animation file)

you may want to put some additional rotated models/scenes in as you get closer to the ball. And I would make sure that the laces are on the far side so you don’t see them.

Fantastic! Many thanks for such a concise reply.