POLL: How does everyone use SketchUp?

Hey guys :slight_smile:
Curious to know how everyone in this forum uses SketchUp.

  • Architect
  • Designer
  • Hobbyist
  • Woodworker
  • Teacher / Student
  • Other

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As my profile says, I’m only a teen so still a hobbyist but I aspire to be an architect when I can :slight_smile:

Kaiden :slight_smile:

Hobbyist, woodworker, teacher.

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Wow 3!!

4 for me but it doesn’t seem to show all of them on the chart.

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Hobbyist, Woodworker, Designer (of theatre sets), Other (model railway and 3D printing design)

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I chose other, I use for multiple categories.

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Architecture/Design/Other for myself. At current position I use it for office layouts, a new commencement podium, custom furniture, building planning and I might use it on current task of plaza refresh design. I try to use it at every opportunity.

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Which 4?



:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
I put loads cos of the 5 character limit…

All but Architect although sometimes I do model buildings and other structures for construction. I’m not an architect, though.

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I think doing it by Profession or Person may miss something. A lot of people probably use the software for buildings, construction, historical models, etc. etc. but may not be an architect. A lot may use it for their home projects, yet not ready to call themselves “Woodworker”.

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Steel frame buildings. Design, engineer & construct. And all the drawings to go with.


Cool. In my early days I worked on a lot of light industrial and commercial steel buildings for an architect in Hawaii and others later in California ( a lot of Garco buildings all different). The plans from the manufacturers were always pretty dry CAD but well done and super functional.

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Engineering design (piping and mechanical equipment) and precise sketching to convey ideas to clients, sometimes including structural, architecture and electrical in supplement to mechanical.

Technical illustrations for a technical book that I wrote in the last company where I worked before retiring.

Home projects in my former house.

Home projects illustrations for relatives.

Fabrication drawings and templates for acrobatic kites (2 lines and 4 lines) as well as single line kites. These are personal kites, not for a business.

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Very varied!

I’m a Stargate fanatic. So most (almost all) of my work is evolved around that theme.

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:smiley: cool!

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