Polar array

I need the curved line that is going between the decagons (ten sided figure) to array (10 times). Each line must be on the vertex between each line of the decagon. I hope I am being clear. Any answers?

Albert Drybare

Use Rotate/Copy to do that. Select the edges you need to array, get the Rotate Tool and rotate them about the center to the next vertex. Hit Enter and then type X9 to make the additional 9 copies of the originals.


It works great except that the ‘measurement box’ does not appear so I cannot do the quick array. I must do each curve separately. What am I missing?

Albert Drybrae

The Measurements window is normally found in the lower right corner of the SketchUp window. I opened it as a toolbar so I could place it front and center but I normally leave it in its default location. If you aren’t seeing it down there, I’d expect that you have the window dropping off the bottom of the screen.