Point Clouds Extension - Undet4SketchUp V1.0 released

Dear SketchUp Community members,

We are excited to announce that Undet4SketchUp V1.0 is now released!

Undet for SketchUp V1.0 offers a unique opportunity to use any pointcloud directly in SketchUp Pro and provides great tools for efficient pointcloud visibility and colouring management.

Visit product page to download free trial: http://www.undet.com/software/for-sketchup-v1/
Watch Undet4SketchUp overview video: Undet for SketchUp Overview video | Import point clouds in SketchUp - YouTube

And of course, let us know your thoughts! :wink:

We will keep up development of this product further and constantly present new functionality.

Undet Team

What is the price? On your Web Site it was listed as “1 Seat = 3.000 USD” ??? If that’s $3000.00 Dollars, no thank you, I will continual to use open source for free.


You have pointed to the price of our solution for AutoCAD here. This is a very comprehensive and sophisticated application developed over the course of 5 years. It is our core product dedicated for 3D laser scanning professionals that are utilizing tones of point cloud data every day and converting it into accurate 2D and 3D as-build documentation.

Undet4SketchUp pricing is not published yet. Currently, we offer an extended trial period, so everybody just by downloading trial can use it free of charge until 29th February, 2016!

To be upfront with you, we can tell that after February 29th Undet4SketchUp price will be 50 EUR/month (short term rental). There will also be options for annual rental and perpetual licences sold through our distributors.