Podium and Latest 2019 Sketchup Update Fail

Has anyone run into a problem where the Rendering Engine for Podium wont start after the last Sketchup 2019 Update. I have to go back to 2018 Sketchup to use my Podium renderer after this last update. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Did you install the latest of podium, as well? Download 2.5 here:


Note, there is a major update, 2.6
It will take care of your problem, has some additional features and the browser built in…

I will give it a try. Is this a known problem? Thanks!

Great. So I loaded Podium v2.6 and I get an immediate Bugsplat when trying to render in Podium. It makes me so happy that Sketchup added that fantastic hidden line feature (hear my sarcasm) and screws up my other working features on an update. Uggh. So frustrating when you have a project due ASAP.

2.6 is considered a new version
You need to uninstall old version first:

But have time to update?

Thanks again.