PNG White Edges

After a lot of messing around with settings in png exports I have not had any success removing the white lines from the png imported into SU. The “nicer” setting helps a little sometimes, but not completely and not always.

I’ve now gone back to basics with very this blunt workaround:

  1. add a rectangular bounding box to the graphic in CorelDraw larger than the image. The box has no fill and is just to make the outer edges move away from the original graphic
  2. insert the PNG image as normal into SU
  3. explode the image
  4. offset the outer edge inwards a little (past the white lines)
  5. delete the outer geometry, leaving just the inner desired image without white lines
  6. re-group the geometry and hide the outer edges

This successfully removes the visible white edges in the png file leaving a clean image.
The downside is the image is no longer glued to the face, so I’ll have to live with that.

You know, I have this problem going the other way: Outputting PNG from SketchUp for import into PowerCADD using the print dialog box and “open in preview”. There’s a faint, one pixel rectangle on the edge of the image that needs to be cropped out with an image editor.

I used to have a similar problem when creating materials for sketchup and I fixed it by turning off anti-aliasing in the export dialogue. Have you tried this?

No I haven’t, so I’ll have to test that.