Troubles with PNG file

Hi there,

I Always seem to have problems with my PNG files in Sketchup, but only just now I realised that I can ask the community if they might have the sollution. So here I go!

When Im importing png files, it creates problems with other images. But example a image is uploaded. Under the floor, there is a image with a blue line on it. On top of that there is a ‘floor’ material, that I made partly transparant (this is needed to see where the blue line is going). However this is making the png file, having a white/transparant outlining. Not only that, but it even makes the ‘floor’ material, fully transparant on some places.

As you can see, the problem only occurs on the material behind it that is party transparant. It does not occur on the material that is 0% transparant ( the brick wall)

Is there anyone with the sollution?

Do you upload the PNG file here?

Use an image trimmer. Image on flat geometry, image trimmed.

Thanks a lot Julian Smith!

I used to remove the lines.
It is more work then I was hoping for, but it does the trick.

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