Plugin "VBO AI" intergrate OpenAI into SketchUp


The VBO team has released a beta version of the very first “VBO AI” plugin for SketchUp users, which requires an OpenAI ChatGPT account (to use a private API key).


  • Integrating OpenAI into SketchUp to support users in performing certain tasks in SketchUp.
  • You can use any language to give commands.
  • It only supports doing something related to SketchUp.
  • Currently supports English and Vietnamese interfaces.

Some sample commands that you may try:

  1. “Create 20 new layers”
  2. “Create 20 scenes”
  3. “Create 20 random color materials”
  4. “Draw a standard-sized soccer field”
  5. “Change background to Black”
  6. “Change to top view”
  7. “Uppercase/downcase all layer name”
  8. "Assign tag “A. WINDOW” for all components have “window” in name.

Download link:!At_d8FayncE0iow337iUbNxytpdTJw?e=kiNtfb

Currently the plugin has released a beta version for fun purposes. :smiley: During the use process, unexpected results may occur, such as stopping halfway because chatGPT did not complete the results or the results are not valid for creating commands in SketchUp :smiley:. So some requests will succeed and also many will fail, good luck.