Plugin that opens .bdl object file

Hello Sketch Up community I’m looking for a plugin that opens a .bdl object file that I extracted from SMG could you help me, please?

I had never heard of the file format before your post. My guess is that you have to open the file with an application that originated it and export it in a format that is compatible with SkedtchUp. According to Google, the format is supported by a CAD application called PTC Creo.

An online search showed that there are at least two distinct apps that have used this file extension, so to do anything with it you would need to know which one it is for (I could find nothing useful when searching for SMG). Further, I could find no specification of the file format, which leads me to believe it is proprietary.

If that is correct, @Anssi is right that you will need to find an app that knows how to read bdl files and how to write something that SketchUp knows how to import.

Creo Elements can export files from its .bdl format as usable formats like DXF etc, which can be imported into SketchUp.
There is no direct import path !

When i said SMG i mean Super mario galaxy inside an arc file is an bdl file i heard it somwere but i don’t remeber how to view this file