Plugin not loadable in v2019

Up until version 2019 I’ve been using a plugin called ”CenterPointAll.rb”. a very simple and useful program that finds the centers and places a guild point there which is useful for multiple situations in our office. It’s really worked best for me combining multiple components quickly in a drawing that need various assemblies.

This plugin will not load into 2019 and I have not found anything else that replaces it. Are there any other options out there that can do this or can this plugin be updated to work in 2019?

I have " CenterPointAll_v1.0.rbz " loaded and working in 2019 Pro.

That’s it!
Found it in the sketchucation site, I;ve been looking for it in the extension warehouse.

Thank you sir

Its RBZ is downloadable at
It is one of mine…

All of my Extensions/Plugins are only hosted at the SketchUcation PluginStore…
As are many of Fredo’s, and many other authors - often including up to date duplications of their EWH entries…

Thank you for this great extension Tig!