Plugin a4design library - 400gb sketchup

A plugin sketchup to manage your library and included >400GB models and textures

  • Hard disk space : Minimum 500 GB of available hard-disk space (Drive D:); additional space is required for Library (Recomment : > 1TB).
  • Internet : internet connection and registration are necessary for required software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services .
  • Only support WINDOW OS .
    • Extract the file UPDATE.rar to the path you have saved it (recommended to use the path D:\A4DESIGN).
    • Overwrite old files if asked.
  • **Video Demo: **

The models are proxy’s or high poly?

Sketchup model. Format: .skp. Please watch the demo video.

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I am only getting a list view and not the images of the sketchup models when running the Library manager. Anyone know why? A4design does not respond to emails they just take your money and where is the Knowledge database they say to look at? I couldnt find it.

There is a contact page … Contact us - A4Design Library

It is a Vietnamese company. Did you use Google translator (etc.) to send your message in Vietnamese ?

There is also a telephone number on this page:

*If you look at their forum member stats, they have not been here in 2 months and have not spent much time in the forum (32 minutes total) since they joined last October. They are a generic library service claiming to support 6 modeling or rendering applications.

They have a YouTube channel with videos …

Their FAQ page just leads to one of the videos at YouTube.

I do not see a button to change the display. Did you try context clicking (right mouse button) on the list ?