Please Welcome 2 new Community Team Members

Hey all you happy forum family! I’m please announce the addition of not one, but two… TWO new team members on the community team. First, we now have a devoted Community Manager. Please welcome @Caroline to the team, she’ll be here to help steer the community and keep us all better connected.

To help her out we have a devoted moderator, you know him as J.V. Lee Architects, he’ll still be “him” but also @SketchUp_Moderator and will be helping Caroline to put out fires as they arise.

Between the two of them we hope to nip any escalations or off-topic discussions in the bud, keeping each post on target to help you resolve issues as quickly as possible. I’ll take this time to remind folks that a lot of the moderation power is in YOUR hands! If you see something that is off topic or downright inappropriate, remember to click the Flag button under the post and report it. If several of you find something to be inappropriate for the topic its posted under, or just inappropriate for the tone of the topic or forum then your cumulative flags will remove it without it needing additional moderation.

Please, give these two new team members a warm welcome!


Hi and welcome guys! :blush: Still remember @AlexB. I joined before she left and it was such fun having her around. Wish @Caroline best of luck. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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