Please help, my Vray frame buffer is not showing up

I have been working with SketchUp and Vray all day long and nothing had happened until I path copied a considerably large proxy and now every time I click the interactive render button only the taskbar icon appears and the render window itself is nowhere to be seen. it happens to all of my models (big or small in file size) after that.

Not sure if this is relevant to your issue, but I often use 2 screens with VRay & SketchUp and when I have only 1 screen switched on, various items including the VRay frame buffer can disappear, but they are simply on the other screen.

That is certianly not my case beacuse I don’t have a multi screen setup, I’m working on a laptop.


right click on your vray frame buffer tab that appears in your task bar and pick move. then use mouse or arrow keys to relocate.

cycling through alt+tab sometimes helps too