Please create #SketchUp4Android

How nice it would be if I could use SKETCHUP PRO on my Samsung Galaxy Tab8 Ultra I’ve just bought such as on iPad.
Is it on its way ? Would it be useful for you too ?


No way to know. Trimble doesn’t announce development projects until they are ready for release.


Agreed! I had a Galaxy S 10.x years ago before my iPad Pros and I loved it. The S pen with the integrated Wacom display was so much better in my opinion than the pencil. Worked great with AutoDesk SketchBook, ArtRage, etc…

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I love Penup, easy and powerful

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I don’t know if Trimble is working on it or have plans to do it but if there’s something that holds them back it could be that unlike Apple products that are manufactured by themselves, android products are made by different manufacturers, the specs of every device is different, some tablets can have the most powerful snapdragon chip while others could have an old one or a new one with low specs, even the most powerful soc used on android devices isn’t even close in performance compared to the latest or even a couple generations old apple chips.

Back when I had my Galaxy Note 10.1, Artrage was only available for that specific model. There seemed to be some existing mechanism to either allow or not allow an app to be installed on specific models. Don’t see why that would have changed.