Placing a Sphere in a Box


I have a box and a sphere and I would like to place this sphere inside the box in a particular position.
Is there any guidance/tutorials on how to do this?


How big is the sphere and how big is the box? And where do you want the sphere inside the box? Could you share an illustration that shows what you want to do?

In general, make the sphere and the box components or groups so they don’t stick together. Then use the Move tool to move one into the other. Depending on where you want the sphere, you may be able to use Inferencing or you could lay out some guidelines to help with the placement. You might find it easier to turn on Hidden Geometry under the View Menu so you can see points on the sphere.

If I were going to do this from the beginning, I would draw the box where I wanted it and then draw the sphere so when it is complete, it is already located correctly.


Thanks Dave, I’ll probably stick to your suggestion of creating the sphere in place. It’s the easiest thing to do.
Thanks/take care


Check this earlier thread:


Edit: Gee, I had a better example using two spheres, but I can’t find it. Still, this is the general method.