Placement of a unique component into a different location

Thanks for the advice Dave.

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We’ve all been there before. Down the road, you’ll look back and want to puke at how you used to work in this program compared to what you are doing then. You’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes by doing things like this. There’s lots of helpful shortcuts, but you have to find them. Always ask questions so one of us can help if you’re stuck or wondering if there’s a better way to do something.

Thanks Joe. Appreciate the encouragement.

Select the component and cut it (CNTL X) out.
Dbl Click into an existing component or group or just native blank space.
Once in the new environment, select the EDIT menu, then PASTE IN PLACE. This will place the cut entity within the new environment.

Basically you’re moving stuff from one group/component to another without exploding anything.

I use this constantly as I’m terrible about tracking what group/, component/tag I’m using.

This can also be done in OUTLINER by selecting your entity to be moved and dragging it below the place you want it to go.


Thanks Chris. This answers the original question. Good to know you can cut and paste objects if needed.

It’s more than cut and paste. This process makes it possible to move entities from one group or component to another without exploding anything.
As you should be making groups of stuff you draw as you go along, you can see the value.

One of the ways I frequently use Cut and Paste in place is when I’m adding details to parts but I don’t want to commit to those details immediately. You can seehow that works at about 4:30 in the video here and around 6:00 in this one.

Looks like I would eventually have to be a “Fine Woodworking” subscriber at $99/yr in order to view these videos. I’m going to buy the annual $349/yr Sketchup Pro license fee at the end of my trial period but I’m reluctant to pay the annual Fine Woodworking fee.

Hmmm… You didn’t used to need to be a subscriber. I wonder when that changed.

When I click on either of your hyperlinks, it takes me to the Fine Woodworking IP which requests that I either start a free trial or pay the annual fee. No other options that I can see.

Can you only “cut and paste” and not “copy and paste”?

You can cut or copy and paste in place. Sometimes copy and paste in place is also very useful.

Check your PMs.

The only feature apparently missing is the ability to accurately place the cut or copied object in the new location.

Why do say that? If it was in the right place before you cut or copy it, Paste in place will put it in the right location when you paste it. If you aren’t getting that, share your SketchUp model file.

Did you check your PMs?

Just found the PM, haven’t viewed it yet but do intend to do so. Reason I’m concerned about accurate location is that it was mentioned by you that there was more possibility for errors if not done in situ in your first response to my original question. For example, if I was to make a copy of an existing component in my model, can I than pce the copy accurately in a new location?

Wow. Sketchup coupled with 20+ years of experience yields very impressive results. Cut/Copy/Paste functions in solid modeling applications go way beyond simple text editing tools. Ignore my previous question, you’ve answered that question and much more.

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Thank you. It won’t take you 20 years to get there.

You can copy and paste also. I’m thinking this works from one drawing to another as well. Basically the same as the standard Windows command.