Piping in my drawn house

OK… This is hard to explain but ill do my best…

I am drwaing a small house and I have it framed and skinned, now I want to do the details. I ran the PVC plumbing pretty easy, but now I want to run the “PECS” pipe and wiring in the walls.

im having a hell of a time running it… I drew a line and tried follow me with a 1/2" circle but it kept failing. The error closes 2 fast for me to remember…

So any help would be nice… I know im crazy but I want to run the water and drain pipes and the wiring…

Ok here is the exampleexample.zip (1.8 MB)

i wanted to draw a PEX manifold and piping coming off of it,

I can draw the manifold easy http://www.lowes.com/pd/Apollo-1-2-in-x-3-4-in-dia-Brass-Plastic-PEX-Manifold-Crimp-Fitting/3283628 but the pipes im having heck of time…

I next want to run the wiring to boxes… No switches yet … any ideas… thnx


We have a lot of nice info about what you want to do… but very little in terms of what your modeling technique is with the follow me tool.

So it’s hard to know what part of the process needs to be addressed.

For Now I’ll offer a guess…

Your paths look like they’re connected up in the attic at what could be the rough-in sketch for the manifold.

The follow me tool needs to work on a singular path… with one beginning and end. Things aren’t going to go well if your running into tee fittings, or wye connections, or any branching off.

So i think the solution here — because your paths look like they are pretty good — is to insert a gap/break just short of any connecting points. And work with a single (isolated) path at a time.

At the end of a follow me extrusion… you’ll still have a face which you can click on and use the push/pull tool to extend along whatever path the pipe/wire is tracking on. Use that as the means for finishing off the connections.

Hope that helps some, (IF not please post back about what your follow me technique consists of).

Take Care,


Thanks Jim.

Ya it did help. I guess I was so use to sketch up doing almost everything easy I was doing it wrong.

So best thing is to make pieces and then just moving them into place like I did the PVC pipe…
again thanks… Ill try tonight…


You can use follow me for those pipes.
Separate the three paths from each other,(delete the two edges that join them).
Draw your pipe circles at the end of the paths then triple click one path, to select all of it, then hit the circle face with the follow me tool.
Repeat for next path.

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thanks boss…
That worked great… :slight_smile: