Pipe Along Path - Overlap Question

Using Pipe Along Path ( TIG: Pipe Along Path v2.2, Awesome plugin BTW ) to create a diagram. In this example if I create the first pipe from A to B, then a second from A to C, I get a smooth transition at the junction D ( no hide/smooth required ). Conversely if I create A to B, then D to C, the junction needs cleanup ( hide, see second image ). Since I have a number of these to create, no extra cleanup would save time. If I choose A to B and A to C, there appears to be an overlap ( maybe just in my mind ) from A to D. Does this double the geometry from A to D? Would prefer to keep this as low poly as possible.

As always, thanks for you help …

Personally I would intersect and clean the joint which would give me a nice finished solid.


Thanks @Box . I can use this procedure for some of my pipe runs. In others, I need to keep the sections as distinct solid components/groups. I find it handy for instance, to create an elbow or a straight section (of different diameters/lengths) that can be copied/moved easily. But then, have to clean up the junctions.