Pie tool - Good choice to match circle enpoint to true tangents?


Hi everybody.

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I think Pie Tool can be useful to make tangent lines to match between two circles, here the example.

If some of you have time, take a look and tell me your opinions, remember if certain parts of the videos are boring you can skip them or change the speed of play the player, just click on the gear icon.

Sorry because I made lot of mistakes during the process.

Additional info:

  • Lower circle radius: 30
  • Upper circle radius: 20
  • Distance between circles: 80
  • Plugin required: TIG: TrueTangents v3.0

The only odd I see is … some part of the circle will have a different number of segments and another one will have a different amount.

Thanks to:
slbaumgartner, DaveR, TIG and company.

Thank you all for your time.


The Pie Tool and the Arc Tool could be useful in some cases but if you don’t the problem you mention is probably a bigger issue than the benefit you might get.

The Pie or Arc tools could be a good choice for your trapezoid, too.


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