Tangent circles and arcs in corners

Ok, here is a pic and the file of a part i am modeling. I need a 19mm radius circle to be tangent on the angled line, but not tangent to the point it connects to. How the heck do i do that? thanks

tangent arcs.skp (19.5 KB)

Start Arc Tool, hoover over the first line (or segment of circle/curve), click.
start looking over the other line and click when it turns magenta
The curve turns black, hoover back on the line untill it is Magenta, again.
Type the radius you want.
hit Enter

Here is your original request:

You must be aware that this method is tricky when aplied to curves, you need to know in which segment to start, due to the segmantation of circles and arcs in SketchUp…

And then after you edited the post:

The same order:

Start Arc tool, hoover over the first line, click
keep arc cyan while you are going to that point.
click on point, curve turns black, mouve mouse to have it turn cyan, again,
let go of the mouse and type the radius and hit enter.

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Thank you very much. Now, on the second demo, is the arc tangent at both points or just on the angled line?

Not trying to be picky, my goal is to make it tangent at the line and NOT at the point. Only reason, i have to take the volume of this solid once extruded and find its mass based off of the density of 1020 steel. I have a 1% room for error according to the assignment haha.


Then, you will need a higher number of segments, due to the segmentation of curves in SketchUp…

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just the line for the tangency:) and i am using 96 segments.

Ok, one small question, when i type 19, it accepts it but when i use the arc center point finder extension, it says that my radius is 13.xxx, and not 19.

Am i supposed to type in an r somewhere?

thanks again:)

EDIT: i have tried to use the move tool with no luck to get the cirlce tangent on the line and not at the point. i get extremly close, but off by about 3 mm

Select the arc then edit the radius in entity info.

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WORD! that worked box. Thanks for that tip. didnt know i could do that in entity info

SIde note, whats the extension for a movable measure value box?

Good thing to check! With simple geometry (eg. squares) it is usually correct, with more difficult situations, you would have to edit it manually.

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View->Toolbars-> tick the measurements bar

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Ok, i got the answer right. I came up with 936.xx grams for the part, and the answer was 939 which is a 1.0% difference. i used my handy excell sheet i made to check the answer;)